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Posted by Brouse Ames on Wednesday, 19 February, 2020 16:17:16

Subsequently, the name Porter and Chester Institute was adopted, and the curricula contents and operational policies of the two institutions were standardized. At the same time, the Porter School, which was located in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, became the Rocky Hill Campus of Porter and Chester Institute. The Waterbury Campus was established in 1977.

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Student Review of Porter & Chester PCI Course Material Poorly Organized, Classrooms Disruptive Student course material at Porter and Chester seems to have all kinds of errors. Power point presentations have spelling errors, grammar mistakes or poor word agreement, at times have missing information and are poorly out lined. Lab assignments

The Career Services team at Porter and Chester Institute is here to help you explore, plan & achieve your new career goals. If you want career training, support and guidance, here are just a few reasons Porter and Chester Institute is the right school for you:

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