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Invest Like The Street Program

Posted by Brassard Adrianna on Wednesday, 12 February, 2020 08:12:51

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I always felt there was a big lack of resources to learn about investing, especially at the college level, and through the Invest Like the Street program, we've been able to help people land these

So like every finance major does I'm sure by now you've searched around Google for "how to become an investment banker". And most likely you've gotten flakey articles with little to no substance on how to break into investment banking.

These programs are also courting ever-younger students, and their parents' wallets. In June, Training the Street will start a four-day Undergraduate Wall Street Boot Camp in New York and will charge students $3,000 (not including accommodations) to learn the basics of financial modeling, valuation and analysis.

Throughout all this, maybe you've been doing some extracurricular programs to learn more about the field, whether it's our Invest Like The Street Analyst Program, or something else. Now by the time you have to start applying for the real investment banking internships your for your junior year summer, you're in awesome shape.

Completing the Invest Like The Street Analyst Program (we teach you how to do the job and give you experience doing the work) Being Part Of a Student Run Investment Fund (managing your University's endowment) Participating in Major Stock Pitch Competitions Or Case Competition (these are fantastic to do and widely available)