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Hide Client Login Whmcs

Posted by Breton Alexis on Sunday, 9 February, 2020 08:50:32

The Hide Items by Status addon for WHMCS allows your customers to hide services, invoices and domain by their statuses. For example, your customers can hide cancelled or terminated services, cancelled invoices and expired domains with just a few clicks!

The plugin WHMCS Client Area Plugin, (WCAP) is used to bring WHMCS client area into your WordPress front end. Your WHMCS customers can login to their WHMCS accounts from WordPress. It also offers standard ordering and cart functionality. WCAP is API based alternate to WHMCS-Bridge with a one-time payment and lifetime updates.

Along with a new look in WHMCS 7.7, Intelligent Search will now hide inactive clients from search results by default. To include inactive clients in your search, simply slide the toggle switch located at the bottom of the search results window.

While we are talking about "Hide items from client view" - lets add invoices in certain status. Some time we need to create an "inside" invoice without sending it to the customer / or have it available in the client area. Let's say we want to issue an invoice - but for our staff eyes only.

Client Management is a large part of what the WHMCS software does and therefore this is quite a large section of documentation. When viewing a client's details a number of tabs are displayed such as Summary, Profile, Products/Services, Domains

The following guide is designed to provide some copy & paste ready code samples for common customisations performed to the dynamic client area navigation menus. For more detailed documentation, please refer to Editing Client Area Menus. This guide assumes you are already familiar with creating and using Hook files in WHMCS.