Email From Apple Detected Login Attempt

Apple ID user? Careful! There is a new phishing attack

Email From Apple Detected Login Attempt

Posted by Breland Albertina on Thursday, 13 February, 2020 09:20:15

When I attempt to access my email, my browser prevents the page from loading with a shield icon warning saying 'This page includes script from unauthenticated sources'. If I tell it to load script, a page comes up telling me that "Suspicious Activity Detected. Your Account is Locked." with a prompt for me to input my country.

Received email to verify my credentials as a login attempt from another IP address seems to have been detected. Is the email phishing? it comes from: Support-Apple ( [email protected] ).

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What one can do if Instagram will not let log in. If you are seeing the Suspicious Login Attempt message, you should start with choosing from the given options that are It Was Me and It Wasn't Me.Since the warning shows the questionable login attempt's location and the time it occurred, it should be easy to tell whether it was you or not.

The message claims that Apple noticed 'an attempt to sign in to your account from an unrecognised device' from a specified country on a specified date and time. The email instructs you to click an 'Unlock Apple ID' link to safeguard your information and regain access to your account.

Apple is sending iCloud users email alerts when their account is accessed via you should reset your password at My Apple ID. as well as for all web-based iCloud log-in attempts